Thursday, August 3, 2017

Trick of the Light- Matt Corby

Trick of The Light- Matt Corby. 20x20x1.5 gallery canvas. Okay...this is one is huge...for me anyway. This is the last one of this subject...I can say I have studied/slayed the water reflections! haha. Again, this one was painted on a canvas I had repurposed with black gesso. It did not, however, lend to very much blending like gessobord...which could be a good thing for me! It reminds me of those old velvet paintings..

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Backwater- Meat Puppets

Backwater- Meat Puppets. 8x8 Oil on gessobord. Here is another one for the DPW water challenge. I painted this one on a black gessobord. I sometimes re-gesso crappy paintings after I give them a light sanding. I love how this one turned out. 
For those of you following my blog....I have a new website...which also includes a blog. I may eventually abandon this blog and just go with the new one. But before I do that, I will let y'all know! Thanks Tess
Click here for my new website! I have lots of work to do on it yet...but its coming along!