Thursday, August 3, 2017

Trick of the Light- Matt Corby

Trick of The Light- Matt Corby. 20x20x1.5 gallery canvas. Okay...this is one is huge...for me anyway. This is the last one of this subject...I can say I have studied/slayed the water reflections! haha. Again, this one was painted on a canvas I had repurposed with black gesso. It did not, however, lend to very much blending like gessobord...which could be a good thing for me! It reminds me of those old velvet paintings..

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Backwater- Meat Puppets

Backwater- Meat Puppets. 8x8 Oil on gessobord. Here is another one for the DPW water challenge. I painted this one on a black gessobord. I sometimes re-gesso crappy paintings after I give them a light sanding. I love how this one turned out. 
For those of you following my blog....I have a new website...which also includes a blog. I may eventually abandon this blog and just go with the new one. But before I do that, I will let y'all know! Thanks Tess
Click here for my new website! I have lots of work to do on it yet...but its coming along!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Drift Away- The Rolling Stones

Drift Away- The Rolling Stones. 6x6 Oil on Gessobord
Done for the challenge this week on DPW....water. The inspiration for this painting comes from the Oklahoma River Walk. We had plenty of time to watch the ducks drift by while eating our dinner on the water. It was a beautiful evening. I have been wanting to paint this one for a couple months and finally got around to it. Thanks for the challenge Carol! The water didn't turn out the first I wiped it off and started again. The first version was dark and I didn't like the actual I spiced it up! Of course!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Can't Touch This(tle) 1 thru 4- MC Hammer

Can't Touch This(tle)- MC Hammer. Four separate 5x7 canvas panels. The challenge this week on DPW is to paint an object four times. The first one with as much detail as you want and then each panel should get less detail and be rougher until the last one is barely recognizable. I couldn't find anything to paint that inspired me in my hotel room..until I went on a walk and found this wonderful purple thistle! Which is very prickly! But, close up they are so delicate!Well....the first one (upper left) took me about 30 minutes...the last one (lower right) took about 5 minutes. I think I like the last one the best! 

Friday, June 30, 2017


Potthast Study- 6x6 Oil on gessobord. Every year I buy an engagement calendar to keep me organized. This year it is from the National Gallery of Art. I find inspiration in the pages of paintings every day. I have been saving the ones that I really like and this is one of them. I like to write the artists name on the bottom and then later investigate more of what they have painted and who they were. Not all of the artists are familiar to me. This is a small piece of a work by Edward Henry Potthast. I love the brush stokes and spontaneity of the scene.
Edward Henry Potthast was an American Impressionist painter. He is known for his paintings of people at leisure in Central Park, and on the beaches of New York and New England. Wikipedia
BornJune 10, 1857, Cincinnati, OH
DiedMarch 9, 1927, New York City, NY

Friday, June 23, 2017

Party Animal

Party Animal- 6x6..Oil on gessobord...My little chihuahua Jefe..he endures all kinds of crazy outfits my daughter dreams up!....and he loves the attention!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Shadow Play Update

Update on this one! After looking at other paintings of this same subject, I decided mine was too fussy. So I threw it on the easel this morning and obliterated part of it! Haha...I think it makes it better. I also lightened it up a little.